Saturday, April 23, 2011

Short One April 4, 2011

No package,  I'm kinda sad about that.   Conference was good, even though I had a little bit of a cold. My favorite talk would have to have been Hollands; he is so cool.  He was in the mission a couple of week ago, but too far for us to go see. Supposedly though, he asked a random person too come up and it was a non-member. He bore his testimony to him and he was baptized a few weeks later. I'm still with Elder Sommers maybe for a few more weeks. Transfers are in like two weeks.  They are the 17th, so we will see then what happens.  Nothing much to report, just playing basketball on P-day.  I'm still a little under the weather but that's OK.   I'll talk to you in a week.


Elder Zachary David Daniel

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